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Club dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube after Waco Tournament



Thanks for stopping by and checking out the club.  This page is about our tournaments and how they are run, and what all we do.  Having been a member of bass clubs in the past i know what its like to fish in club events, wondering how things work and to be sitting around waiting on the weigh in results.  Then after they are finalized, everyone taking off for home as fast as they can. Well thats where WE are different.

Our tournaments are laid back and start as a "shotgun" style start.  Meaning we all get ready and the tournament director, yells "go".  The weigh-in time is all agreed upon at ramp when we pay our entry fees.  The fees for our tournaments are set fairly low but the payback is a fairly high percentage compared to some other clubs. Plus we have a "side" pot for big bass, which is winner take all..

Our weigh-ins are all computerized, that being said, it means as your fish are weighed they are entered into a computer, and the results and payouts, are instant. No more waiting around for 3-4 guys with calculators and scraps of paper to figure it all out.  
Since we are a fairly laid back group of guys, so is weigh in to a degree.  Sure we follow the by-laws and the B.A.S.S standards, but its a relaxed FUN atmosphere.  

At our weigh-ins you will find everyone around the scales talking and joking around, then when your turn comes you weigh in your fish. Its really that simple.  After the last person has weighed in the payouts are immediate.  But thats not where it ends.

As a club, one of the hardest questions at the end of tournament is... "where are we going to eat?".  Yes, we find somewhere to eat, as a club.  Now sometimes everyone wont or cant attend these "after tourny" dinners, but they miss out.. Here is where we all share info, tell stories, and its a great time, just ask anyone who goes.  The places range from location to location, as we are a traveling club, so it could be from whataburger to some VERY authentic Mexican restaurant, where some needed help ordering..but they "had a dinning room and everything".... youll have to ask to find out about that one...

All in all, Tournaments should be the backbone of any club, well i think for us that is partially correct.  Sure we have tournaments, but thats not all we are about.  We are a group of guys and girls, that want to fish but also want a good time.  Our club has that and more. 

If your interested please comment in our guestbook or an email, I can assure you, you will have a BLAST..


Brooks Davies 

Vice President/Tournament Director

Next Meeting

@ 211 E. Hallmark Ave in Killeen.  In the REDMAN Bingo Building 7pm Jan 12th



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