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Stillhouse Hollow Marks Third Stop of 2015 Texas Anglers Bass Club Season


A modest flotilla of nine bass boats departed the Stillhouse Marina in the early morning hours of 14 March in search of fat pre-spawn bass.  Some of the TABC anglers found what they were looking for and others found nothing but questions at the end of their line.  Most of the fish brought to weigh-in were staging for the spawn and the catches ranged in depth from 25 feet of water to mere inches.  The majority of the thick hydrilla present on Stillhouse last year was still dormant from a long Texas winter however, there was some healthy vegetation in the lake and those who located it, often found hungry largemouth nearby.


Much like last month’s tournament at Lake Austin, the conditions seemed to set up nicely for big sacks of fish.  Water temperature at launch was 53 degrees and warmed gradually to 56 degrees in certain places by tournament’s end.  The wind blew steady out of the Northwest at 15-20 mph all day, which surprised no one, a calm day on Stillhouse is about as common as an ATM without a surcharge.  Overall the water was clear but recent rains created a very slight stain, especially in shallower water and in the creeks.  Skies were overcast all day and the barometric pressure was steady.


TABC anglers scratched and clawed for eight hours to find keeper fish but as with everything in life, there’s always an exception to the rule.  On this day Brooks was the exception as he was the only angler out of fifteen to catch a limit and to add insult to injury he culled more times than we need to mention.  The majority of the field caught their fish shallow, 3-8 feet of water, but Brooks tossed a lipless crankbait into water so shallow it could be measured with a toothpick.  Knocking that crankbait off shallow rocks and through thin patches of shoreline grass proved to be the winning pattern and Brooks’ five fish, although not lunkers, tipped the scales for 9.04 lbs.  Brooks fished solo so his ghost weight* brought his team total to 13.57 lbs.  Levi came in second with three fish for 5.59 lbs.  Levi’s ghost weight** brought his total to 6.99 lbs.  Tim and his guest Dexter caught three fish for 6.81 lbs to round out the top three.  Big Bass accolades went to Seth’s guest Rome with a 3.31 lb largemouth.  On this day TABC caught 23 fish for a total tournament weight of 53.18 lbs.  The average bass weight was 2.31 lbs.  Congratulations to Brooks on his win!


The closing bell usually signals the end of excitement on tournament day but once again, there’s always an exception to the rule.  As Seth and Tim waited in line for one of those famous Stillhouse Marina burgers, they learned a boat was stranded on the rocks not far from the dam.  Burgers on hold, Seth and Tim earned their good Samaritan merit badges for the day when they went back out on the water to pull the stranded boat safely back to the marina.  Checkout the photos tab on the website for pictures of the rescue.

TABC has a score to settle with Lake LBJ and the month of April will be our opportunity to put things straight.  The club held their annual two day tournament on LBJ in 2014 and the numbers were in a word, miserable.  The spawn is on at LBJ and should still be going strong when TABC arrives on 11 April.  Good luck to everyone in April …especially if you’re riding in the black and white bug!



* TABC bylaws state an angler who fishes alone due to a lack of non-boaters( yet was in the Drawing) will be awarded a “ghost weight” of 50 percent of that angler’s total tournament weight

** TABC bylaws state an angler who does not notify the Tournament Director of their intent to fish at the monthly club meeting, and thereby fishes alone,( not in the Drawing) will be awarded a “ghost weight” of 25 percent of that angler’s total tournament weight

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