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January - Lake Bastrop

January Bastrop 2015

Bastrop Proves Fickle for First TABC Tournament of 2015

The Texas Anglers Bass Club kicked off the 2015 season at Lake Bastrop. While the small power plant lake is filled to the gills with three to five pound largemouth bass, on this day many of the lake’s aquatic residents proved hard to find and harder to catch. Some teams did quite well, one boat brought in over 35 lbs of Texas bucketmouths however, they were the only team to catch a 10 fish limit. Other teams managed to scratch together respectable bags while many others struggled to put fish in the boat, or more accurately, on the paper.

Water temperatures were relatively cold for Lake Bastrop in January. While slightly warmer temps could be found near the power plant discharge, most of lake was 52 to 54 degrees. Grey skies in the am hours helped little to warm the water however the sun did manage to fight its way out of clouds in the late stages of the tournament. Water clarity was no friend to TABC anglers either as recent rains left the lake slightly stained. The quality of the fishing was not affected much by wind as it blew out of the south most of the day at around 5-10 knots. The tail end of a miserable cold front combined with fishing pressure probably had the most effect on the Florida strain largemouth’s penchant for lockjaw; TABC shared the 1200 acre lake with three other clubs that day in addition to a healthy showing from recreational anglers.

In the end Brooks and his guest Steve took the rest of TABC to the woodshed with a margin of victory over twelve pounds. Steve earned the nickname “The Cardiac Kid” for catching all of his fish in the last hour. Steve’s late inning heroics combined with Brooks’ 20-plus lb bag pushed their team weight to 36.88 lbs. Brooks also caught big bass which weighed in at 5.49 lbs. Tim and Alan P. finished a distant second with 8 fish for 24.29 lbs while Bryan and John rounded out the top three with 8 fish for 21.57 lbs. Congrats to Brooks and Steve on their win! All told we caught 39 fish for 110.36 lbs with an average fish weight of 2.83lbs.

There were a number of firsts on this day but most notably, Alan P. and Joseph popped their TABC tournament cherries, welcome to the club boys!

February will find TABC scouring the grass-less waters of Lake Austin for its famed giant largemouth. The Colorado River impoundment has been fishing extremely difficult of late but a few teams are certain to figure out a solid pattern and when they do, there should be some hawgs brought to the scales. Good luck to everyone at Lake Austin…especially if you’re riding in the black and white bug!

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