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Lake LBJ - April

Weights Up Numbers Down at Lake LBJ

One of the age old questions bass fishermen often ask themselves is, “Do I fish for numbers or do I fish for quality bites?” Tournament anglers have to take it one step further and ask themselves, “Do I get my limit first and then try to find kicker fish or do I spend precious tournament time only targeting the kind of fish which will take home the prize.” Sometimes the decision is as simple as deciding what lure to throw. Big swimbaits, heavy football jigs, ten inch worms; all big fish baits. Weightless senkos, shakey heads, small plastics; numbers baits. Whether it was by design or simply a matter of circumstance, the club brought some hefty largemouth bass to the scales. Two fish were just shy of seven pounds, one more was six pounds, and numerous four and five pound fish were treated to a free boat ride.  The big girls definitely showed up for this dance but ironically, Lake LBJ gave up only two limits on the day.  

TABC anglers arrived to Lake LBJ to find the vast expanse of water on the Colorado River in a late/post-spawn condition. When nine of the fastest boats on the water idled out of the Lake LBJ Yacht Club and Marina on a wet dreary morning in mid-April, the water temperature was 70 degrees. What most didn’t know was the mercury reading on the wet blue stuff was a solid four degrees higher just one week prior. Keen eyes found empty beds all over the lake however most of the spawning areas were empty with the occasional balls of fry serving as the only evidence of what transpired just a week or two earlier. The skies overhead the beautiful Texas Hill Country looked like a thick grey blanket and rain seemed to be a certainty anglers would have to face during their quest for five winning fish.

This tournament was full of surprises. Some were surprised to struggle, some were surprised to catch so many quality fish, and others still were surprised by the conditions the lake threw at them. When it was all said and done Duane and his guest claimed first place when they brought nine stout fish to the scales for a weight of 27.4 lbs. Steve and his guest also brought nine Florida strain largemouth to the scales for the second place prize and a total weight of 26.3 pounds.  Seth claimed third place with two fish for 9.45 lbs. After adding Seth’s ghost weight his total came to 14.18. Seth claimed the big bass money and also caught his new personal best with a 6.99 lb largemouth. The tightest race of the day turned out to be for big bass honors as Seth managed to squeak by Steve’s guest by 0.01 pounds. TABC sticks hauled in a total of 33 bass for a combined weight of 104.45 pounds. That equates to an average fish weight of 3.17 pounds; a great average by any measure. Congratulations are in order to Duane and his guest for the win. Kudos also go to Seth for catching his new personal best largemouth.

With four tournaments in the rear view mirror, TABC is a quarter of the way through the 2015 season. The Angler of the Year race is starting to take shape and the top six anglers in points, in descending order are as follows: Brooks, Duane, Tim, Bryan, Seth, and Levi.

Texas Anglers Bass Club leaves behind the shallow grassy waters of LBJ for the rocky structure of Lake Waco in the month of May. TABC will be hosting their first night tournament of the year in May and this one is truly anyone’s to win.  Good luck to all on Lake Waco…especially if you’re riding in the black and white bug.

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